Ship It

It has been slightly over two years since I have written in this space. My ”I’m going to have a blog” movement of early 2011 did not last very long. I’m a very busy man.

I started getting the itch to write again late last year. By that point, I was both displeased by my previous design attempts and subtly discouraged by the richness of the Wordpress authoring experience. I wanted to whip up some Markdown, publish, and call it a day. And the rewrite began.

Goodbye Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, CSS, and WYSIWYG.

Hello Middleman, Ruby, S3, SASS, and Markdown.

It’s all to easy for me to fall into the trap where I don’t ship because I’m tweaking and polishing to perfection. Or at least to the closest approximation to perfection that I might stand a chance at achieving. The irony is not lost on me that I have spent far more hours hacking on the implementation of this site than I have actually writing content for it.

Current status? It’s far from perfect. Some of the code is downright sloppy. My stylesheets and layouts are disorganized. The list of user-facing TODOs is far from complete.

So I’m shipping it.